Vietnam Film Festival 2018 ”Adrift”
The structure of the movie in which the appearance of the two lesbians is reflected,
Rubbing the spirit and nerves of the viewer

If Mikio Naruse makes a movie of the ”Les Liaisons dangereuses”of Laclos. Such tremendous delusions float.

It is never romance amusement played out here, nor it means that the movie style that goes to Naruse is shown. But I think: Collaboration that cannot be expected is rolling in a corner of movie history. It happened that we just missed it. To put it more straightforwardly, this work will make us discover one of the fascinating possibilities that can happen in the media of movies.

A woman who married a younger taxi driver is working as an interpreter and a travel guide in Hanoi. Married in a relationship for three months. Her husband looks still young and there are not a few parts he depends on his mother who wants to care for everything. The new wife did not put it aside as a clear dissatisfaction. However, she was attracted to a young man who got acquainted through older girl friends, even wild, even occasionally violent.

* * *

Camera breathing moving freely and openly in the room is glossy. The scenery that the living beings are staring at the physiology of the living things leaves the screen while keeping the cool feeling. It is very feminine sensibility everywhere that emerges from there. The main actress's willingness to recall evokes an unparalleled sensuality, especially amongst girl friends. A boyish girl friend is caressing the anxiety of the heroine, and is also tempted to gently light the fire on the instinct. The structure of the movie in which the two figures are also reflected in the lesbians makes sense in a way, a spirit and nerves of those who see it more than the subsequent disturbance.

Careful attention has been paid to everything from costumes and props, but this director is trying to capture not only designs nor colors, but textures. While carefully spinning a flowing story on her husband side, ”Adrift” approaches the texture of female psychology. Without moral restraint, human trends are affirmed here in nature.


Written by:Toji Aida(相田冬二)

Director: Bui Tak Chuen


Vietnam Film Festival 2018
<Kanagawa> Yokohama Cinema Jack & Betty from Saturday, September 1 to Sunday, September 9
<Osaka>  Osaka Cine Nouvo from Saturday, October 6 to Friday, October 19
<Tokyo>   Shinjuku K's Cinema from Saturday, November 10 to Friday, November 23
<Aichi>  Nagoya Cinema Sukule from Saturday, November 24 to Friday, December 7

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