Fascinating sounds of Japanese language coming from Taiwan: GESTALT GIRL

Taiwanese indies scene has produced talented bands in large numbers, such as “透明雑誌” which reminds us of the influence of alternative rock in the 90s, and “Elephant Gym,” a post-rock band which appeared in 2016 SUMMER SONIC. Another new band arrived on the scene with attractive music talent: GESTALT GIRL debuted in Japan with their first mini album “Time Travel”(2017). The four formed the band in January 2016, with Mikan as a lead singer.

The tune which most attracts me in the album is “Time Travel”, the album title song. Cheerful guitar cutting and the drum with comfortable glove are the core part of this pop tune, with soul music and guitar pop tastes. Interestingly it links to “Neo City Pop” which currently attracts fans with sophisticated melody line and danceable sound.
 The other fascination is the Japanese lyrics Mikan pours forth. The Sci-Fi theme of “Time Travel” and romantic relationship with “Kimi(=You)” describe fantasy and reality at the same time. We can feel her sense as a songwriter. “Ikura Kakatu desuka?(=How much is it?)” and “Lines go round but never connect“ are some examples of unique way to use Japanese phrases by a non-Japanese. That’s also the unique characteristics of this band.

The four are now working on a new mini album. New album and live shows in Japan will get even bigger attentions.

Written by:Tomoyuki Mori(森 朋之)

Formed in January 2016. Taiwanese rock band with 4 members.
The 1st mini album “Time Travel” was released digitally in Japan in February 2017.