“Restaurant Guide: 350 Taiwan Gourmet dishes”
Ultimate restaurant tour in Taiwan!


Taiwan is always ranked within top 3 of the most favorite overseas destinations for Japanese tourists. Taiwan is as popular as ever. The biggest pleasure of all is, of course, easy and inexpensive restaurant tours. The book covers everything about Taiwanese gourmet and its attractiveness. It comes in an easy-to-carry pocket size. It’s not the end of the story yet; based on her experiences in Taiwan, including her marriage life, Ms Mitsuse shares very details episodes on food, such as “ズーシャオミェンシェン(very thin noodle with pig’s feet)” as a noodle dish for better luck.
Pig’s feet is said to be powerful enough to kick bad luck, and especially eaten to celebrate birthdays of elderly and seniors. The book describes how Taiwanese set a high value on their food in a warm tone.
Not only Taiwan maniacs but everyone would enjoy reading the book.

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Pocket size book Restaurant Guide: 350 Taiwan Gourmet dishes
ポケット版 台湾グルメ350品!食べ歩き事典

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光瀬憲子(Noriko Mistuse)
Born in Yokohama, Kanagawa in 1972. Travel writer. Translator/interpreter in English/Chinese/Japanese. Graduated from Western Washington Univ. in the US. Got involved in Taiwan in 1990s, educated, employed, got married and started family there. Her writings include “台湾縦断! 人情食堂と美景の旅”, “美味しい台湾 食べ歩きの達人”, etc., as well as the online column series on “TABILISTA”, “ウレぴあ総研” and Asahi Newspaper.
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